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» Mission Four - Operation Tomb Raided

Location: Valley of the Pharaoh, Egypt
Par Time: 45 minutes
    Mission Objectives:
  1. Destroy Bio Reactors to rescue Einstein
  2. Destroy all Yuri units
    Mission Parameters:
  • Keep Tayna alive
Yuri has captured Einstein in an attempt to expedite the completion of his Psychic Dominator Technology. It is imperative we rescue Einstein immediately and rid Egypt of all Yuri forces.

Starting UnitsStarting StructuresReinforcements
  • MCV
  • Four Tank Destroyers
  • Two Dogs
  • Two GI's
  • Two Engineers
  • None
  • Elite Tayna
  • Elite Nighthawk

  • Walkthrough:This mission may seem hard at first but, if done correctly it is quite easy. Your small force starts out in the south and moves a bit north, before Eva comes on and gives you a briefing about where Yuri has hidden Einstein in the Pyramid along the River Nile. Also, she tells you about a group of oil derricks to the east which will helps you increase your economy. Before you gain control of your units a small force of lasher tanks investigates your arrival, but your tank destroyers make short work of them. Then after you gain control of your forces Tayna arrives via an elite Nighthawk. First send your GI's to the Pyramid to the north it will help you with defense. Move your dogs to the north side of the base to help defend against yuri clones. Put two of your tank destroyers on the right side of your base and leave one on the left side of your base. Also, build a couple of pillboxes to protect against engineer rushes - and build a sniper or two.

    After Tayna arrives quickly send one of your tank destroyers with Tayna and send it to take out the Yuri forces patrolling, allow the tank destroyer to take out the lasher tanks and Tayna to eliminate the initiates there. Tip: Remember Tayna is Psychic immune so she can take out yuri clones, but just keep here away from tanks. After you got rid of all the units in the oil derrick base, fill up your nighthawk with engineers and take all of the oil derricks and build a few pillboxes at the entrances and at the chock point near the river to prevent units from getting by and also keep the tank destroyer in the base incase of a armor attack, just keep it away from yuri clones.

    Next, send Tayna to the north side of the river where there is barrel along the citadel wall which Tayna should blow and gain access to the base where Einstein is and blow up all the bio reactors to free Einstein and then a nighthawk comes and whisks Einstein away. Don't Destroy the Psychic Dominator. By this time you should have a battle lab and a spy sat. After Einstein is rescued you gain control of the Psychic Dominator and in a few seconds you gain access to the "Dominate" feature, however, there is a countdown to the self-destruction of the Psychic Dominator, you only get one dominate so use it well. Remember when I told you should have a spy sat? Well take a peek into the main Yuri base, see the nice columns of lasher and gattling tanks in the middle of the base? Well you've found your target. Convert them to the allied cause and destroy the Yuri base with them, be sure to take out the unit producing structures first, then the power plants, just keep them away from . Don't worry the Psychic Towers don't do anything to your "converted" forces. All you have to do now is clean up the the structures Around the Pyramid where Einstein was kept and the slave miners on the very left of the map and the day is yours.

    Allied: 1 ¦ 2 ¦ 3 ¦ 4 ¦ 5 ¦ 6 ¦ 7

    Soviet: 1 ¦ 2 ¦ 3 ¦ 4 ¦ 5 ¦ 6 ¦ 7

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