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» Mission Three - Power Play

Location: Seattle, Washington
Par Time: 30 minutes
    Mission Objectives:
  1. Destroy Yuri Nuclear Missile Silo
  2. Liberate MassiveSoft Camp
    Mission Parameters:
  • None
Now that we've destroyed Yuri's primary source of funds the madman decided to take a more direct approach. Yuri has set up a Nuclear Missile Silo in Seattle and is using it to extort money and technical expertise from the MassiveSoft Corporation. We must save the city and MassiveSoft.

Starting UnitsStarting StructuresReinforcements
  • 15 Grizzlies
  • 4 Mirage Tanks
  • 2 IFV
  • 7 Guardian GI's
  • 10 GI's
  • 3 Engineers
  • 1 Sniper
  • 2 Power Plants
  • 3 Tech Power Plants
  • Barracks
  • War Factory
  • Weather Control Device
  • Groups of Grizzlies,
    IFV, Mirage Tanks
  • Paradropped Snipers

  • Walkthrough:
    You start out with a base w/out a mcv and several tech power plants with units guarding them. Yuri has a similar set up in the top part of the map except you have a weather control device and he has a nuclear missile silo. He also has many more tech power plants and and several lasher tanks, gattling tanks and virus snipers guarding each of his power plants and the MassiveSoft camp. The sniper is the most effective unit against the virus and yuri infantry. First send all of your GI's into the space needle to get a map reveal. You will receive your first weather storm before yuri receives his nuclear missile. You should use yours to take out the bio reactors near his nuclear missile first, although it wont stop it, it is a long way to stoping the nukes altogether. Yuri uses his first nuclear missile on your war factory and power plants: although it temporarily takes you power off-line there is a neutral tech power plant you can capture with your engineers and a war factory, tech machine shop, and two oil derricks on the bottom part of the map for your capture.

    Your second weather control should be used to take out the Yuri barracks and war factory and subsequent weather controls should be used to take out the units guarding Yuri's tech power plants. With yuri's second nuke he attacks one of your tech power plants and subsequent attacks against the city itself, be sure to move them away from the power plants. All you need to do to stop the nukes from falling is destroy or capture one - two of his tech power plants, not very hard since the grizzly tanks is far superior to the lasher and gattling and combined with a mirage or two there's no chance for yuri. I would suggest working your way up the left side of the map, be sure to have plenty of snipers along and keep at least two or three with each squad of tanks.

    After you stop the power to the nukes work your way towards his base methodically and when you get to his base over take the gattling guns with brute force and sneak in the back door to take out the nuke and be sure to keep a few snipers around to fend off any yuri clones or viruses. After you have destroyed the nuke, you should see that your received a good number of reinforcements in near your weather control device and with those tanks and the tanks that were positioned around your tech power plants make a combined strike to liberate the MassiveSoft camp and for your service Gill Bates will reward you with three money crates and an upgrade to Mindows 2002, just kidding on the latter. Then the mission will be accomplished leaving several squads of Yuri force around, but thats okay you don't have to kill all Yuri forces, but if you dont care how long it takes you I suggest going around and destroying all the units BEFORE you liberate the MassiveSoft camp or destroy the nuclear missile silo (which ever you plan to destroy last), so the mission won't end.

    Allied: 1 ¦ 2 ¦ 3 ¦ 4 ¦ 5 ¦ 6 ¦ 7

    Soviet: 1 ¦ 2 ¦ 3 ¦ 4 ¦ 5 ¦ 6 ¦ 7

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