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» Mission Three - Big Apple

Location: New York City
Par Time: 30 minutes

1 - Capture the American Battle Lab
2 - Build and defend a Psychic Beacon

Briefing: In order to complete our psychic beacon, we will need to capture some American technology. Lead your forces into New York and capture their Battle Lab. Then build a Psychic Beacon to take control of the city.

You start off with an mcv and a power plant already built, as well as 3/4 psy corps. Build another power plant. Build a barracks. Whilst you are building your ore refinery and war factory build: 4 Tesla troopers and 7 or 8 infantry. Build 3 engineers. Now position the troops and the psy corps on the slope to the right of the base. Now build 5 more conscripts. Garrison two buildings; one is to the right of your base next to the slope - and the other is just upwards of your base just up.

Build your radar. Build 2 ore miners. Money will now begin flowing in very quickly - to make even more you can capture the oil derricks south of your base - to do this you will need to build 4 engineers. Make sure that you build a small force to guard them though - 3 tanks,1 dog and 3 tesla troopers should be efficient.

Once you have captured the oil derricks money will begin to flow in very quickly. Build 3 rocket launchers,6 tanks, 6 flak troopers,5 dogs,2 engineers and 15 conscripts - any money that you have left after those troops I suggest you spend on vehicles -flak vehicles or tanks.

On your radar you should see a large bridge - this is where all allied attacks come from - send your army (the troops that you have just built) to the base of the bridge. Send one conscript up it to scout - he will be killed by pillboxes - use your rocket launchers to take them out. *Start building an ore refinery* Once you have cleaned the bridge of the pillboxes take your troops back to the bottom.

Now send them towards the Allies barracks (left of the bridge, then a short distance North). Capture the barracks with an engineer. Place your ore refinery next to it - there is a field of ore there. Build GI's if you want to - they are a fairly good unit. Now you must travel back to the top of the bridge.

Once there (have one engineer with you) you must go eastwards, then southwards. You will locate an Allied War Factory - use your engineer to capture it. You can now build Allied vehicles - I suggest that you set the building as your primary war factory (double click on it to do this) - now build 5 IFVs and lots of rhino tanks. After you have expanded your army a little (spend about 6 to 7 minutes expanding it) move it directly North.

You now have to destroy all Allied structures and units - this should be no problem if you use your tanks and rocket launchers. Once you have destroyed the Allied resistance capture their MCV - now build an allied barracks next to it. Set the barracks as your primary building (double-click).Build 3 pillboxes around the battle lab - do not capture it yet. Now build 10 flak troopers and 15 GIs - position them around the battle lab. Make sure you put the flak troopers on the West side of the lab - as this is where Allied rocketeers come from. Once you have positioned all your troops in the vicinity around the lab you must send in an engineer. Objective one is now complete - you must now defend the base for 5 minutes.

The Allies will send in a group of rocketeers from the West - your flak troopers will make mince-meat out of them. A few Allied tanks will attack, as well as some infantry - you will dispose of them with ease (I have found that the Allies main attack force is distracted by the captured war factory - and destroys that instead of attacking the beacon - so make sure you capture the war factory!). After roughly 5 minutes the psychic beacon will deploy itself. All Allied units will come under Soviet control.

You have finished mission 3.

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