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» Mission Four - Last Chance

Location: Chicago
Par Time: 30 minutes

1 - Force a shore landing and establish a base
2 - Destroy the Psychic Amplifier before it comes online

Briefing: Soviet forces continue to rampage across America. Our agents have discovered a large Psychic Amplifier in Chicago. If activated, this device will allow the Soviets to mind control all of North America.

Use your rocketeers to take out the two Grand Cannons, then tell your Destroyers to move in and destroy every single Soviet unit and structure near the shore. Be careful of submarines lurking in the water!!!

Move in your amphibious transports and unload them. As soon as you deploy your MCV, Lieutenant Eva will contact and brief you on the Psychic Amplifier. Right after the transmission, a timer will start at the right hand bottom screen. You now have fifty minutes before the Psychic Amplifier is activated.

Another four amphibious transports will arrive with reinforcements on board. Unload the GIs and the Grizzly Battle Tanks. Group them together with your forces from the initial assault team. Set up your base and you might want to build an engineer to capture the Soviet's Construction Yard, which will enable you to build Soviet structures.

Gather your forces and head north from your base. There should be a bridge and the Psychic Amplifier will be on an island left of the bridge. Destroy all Soviet presence there and a group of rocketeers will arrive from the east. - Now that there aren't any anti-aircraft defenses anymore, bring them over to destroy the Psychic Amplifier. Use your Harriers to quicken the destruction. Mission accomplished.

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