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» Mission Two - Eagle Dawn

Location: Air Force Academy, Colorado
Par Time: 25 minutes

1 - Re-capture the Air Force Academy Chapel
2 - Destroy all Soviet forces.
3 - Keep Tanya alive.

Briefing: Soviet troops cover America like a foul plague. They have even penetrated out heartland to capture the Air Force Academy in Colorado. The Academy, its cadets, and the unique technology it contains are vital to our defense. Use Tanya to contact any America forces in the area, reclaim our Air Force Academy, and drive the Soviets from the area.

You start off with Tanya and a couple of other infantry units. ( If Tanya dies its game over ). A small Soviet patrol will walk past you - use Tanya to kill them. Move North for power up crates, Conscripts are there too - use Tanya again. A group of Rocketeers will then join you from Colorado Springs. Now move towards the base ( West ). ( Group them - control + 1 ). You'll encounter resistance en route but Tanya will sort it. Now here's the tricky part; to enter the base you must avoid the Sentry Guns. Tell Tanya to swim across the lake. - Kill the Conscripts and blow up the flak canons at the entrance. Now the Rocketeers can take out the Sentry guns - ( press "1" to select them). Now reinforcements arrive - in the shape of engineers.. Take over the whole base. Towards the west there are some rocketeers who will join your cause. Also search for some Conscripts guarding some trucks. The trucks have crates inside them - blow them up to get them.

Now build 2 more chrono miners, a lot of Grizzly Tanks, rocketeers and harriers/GIs. Head to the base and take out the Miner using your harriers. The bases 'backdoor' is poorly guarded by a few conscripts, so have your tanks crumble the wall and destroy all of the power plants. Now the flaks cannons are offline Rocketeers or harriers can destroy the Sentry Guns and take out everything else. -Taking out the flaks triggers a massive drop of GIs. Use all of your troops to destroy the base; it's easy to do. Destroying the base will complete the mission.

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