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» Pinch Point

Pinch Point Map Size: Map Medium
Map Terrain: Map Temperate
Recommended Side: Soviet
Players: 2
Author: Paul
General Overview
Pinch Point is a map that at first, will make a 'newbie' will cry out "there's no ore here" This however is not the case, read on to find out how to make the most of the available resources. The layout of the map is very simple. 2 positions at either end of a Forested pass with a raised area at the top and bottom. There are a handful of buildings but apart from this there are just trees.

Tech Buildings
There are no tech buildings on Pinch Point.

Team Selection

Iraq: The Iraqi's, as ever, are the best choice for this map as the key to winning on Pinch Point is to secure the middle and a few early rhino tanks can do this.
Libya: Your opponent has plenty of time to see a demo truck coming on this map so avoid Libya.
Russia: The Russians are ok to use but you're sacrificing the useful desolator (against allies anyway) for the not very useful Tesla Tank.
Cuba: As above with Libya, the size of the map prevents a surprise terrorist rush so avoid Cuba.
America: Highly useful on the raised points, to garrison the few buildings, or for a quick drop behind the enemy base if he's concentrating too much on the middle.
Korea: Quite useful as the map is big enough to fly around anti-air defence but because of the distance involved reload time will be slow.
France: Only useful to 'set up shop' in the middle and to get a cannon down to guard this position, unless you plan to do this then avoid France.
Britain: Although a sniper/ifv on the top of a cliff works well, there aren't many players stupid enough to send lone infantry straight at your base so don't use Britain
Germany: The Germans are not useful on this map, unless you plan to guard a hill with a few Tank Destroyers, but as usual their use is limited.

The patch of ore next to your base is only sufficient for the first 10 minutes or so of the game so a move to the middle to mine the gem/ore fields there is a must.

This map demands a 3 dog scouting force. Send one to each corner of your opponents base and set one on 'Guard mode' (press 'G') near the entrance to your base to take care of the enemies canine army.



Power plant, Barracks, Refinery, building each one towards the ore (above you if starting on the left or above and below if starting on the right). War factory then 1 miner, 1 terror drone vs allies (2 vs Sov) then 3 rhino's & flak trak if against allies, or just constant rhino's against sov. While doing this build 2 more refineries and sell both. Now is the time to move to the middle, send ALL of your forces there along with your MCV. Deploy there and build a refinery and a bit of defense as a clever opponent will try to attack before you're settled in there. Then a radar, another refinery, sell it. A 2nd war factory if you want a quick win is also required as soon as you have the available funds. This should ensure victory.
Power plant, Barracks, Refinery, building towards the ore. War factory and 1 miner from it then constant grizzly tanks with an odd ifv here & there if playing allies. Keep building and selling refineries until you have 4 miners working then move to the middle. Once there build another refinery, then your AFC, then a 2nd war factory, 1 miner from this then constant grizzlies until you get your Battle Lab up, then make mirages.

Build power plants/tesla reactors as soon as your power hits the lower end of the yellow scale (i.e not quite red)

I hope this improves your Pinch Point skills.

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