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» Paris Revisited

Paris Revisited Map Size: Medium
Map Terrain: Urban
Recommended Side: Allies
Players: 2-4
Author: Cabal
Map Summary
Paris revisited is not one of the best maps in my opinion, but however it can be a fairly fun game if you utilise the map to play better. The map I feel is bias in that all the starting positions apart from the top left one, is not as good as the rest in terms of building space and access to ore. The top positions have immediate access to gems rather than ore which is a big advantage economical wise. As the name implies on this level. it does have the Eiffel tower included in it, and this can be found standing right next to an oil derrick. There are three other oil derricks on this map, two of which are covered by a concrete wall and one which is fairly open. They are located at locations on the map which are quite close to every starting position, and one near the Eiffel tower which is itself located approximately top centre of the map. The top right position in enclosed in concrete walls, which immediately gives some nice protection to you. The other areas are fairly open and a bridge in the right hand side of the map gives access to both to top left and top right positions, allowing for other options of attack. There is no chance to go naval, or rather there really is no point in doing so. There is water located on the top of the map but unless you want an aircraft carrier or two to harass stray units, it really is a waste of money. Other aspects of the map include many garrisoning possibilities, but at the start of the game most of the buildings are unfit to be garrisoned, and those that are badly damaged. There are no real terrain advantages apart from the garrisonable structures provided. The best way to win on this map is to gain a hold of as many oil derricks as possible and then proceed to "˜out tank' your opponent. Allied rocketeers and harriers are great for attacking enemy garrisons and oil derricks alike. I wouldn't recommend going aerial with the soviets, you need as much money as you can for an overwhelming tank force. Well that's the best and most cost effective way to win anyway when playing as the soviets. As another tip, the gem patch located in the top half of the map has three garrisonable structures, which overlooks the patch. If you are mining here I would advise you to garrison them so for example an american player couldn't paradrop and then claim the buildings to force you too stop mining there. Another way could be to blow them up ASAP. Engineer "˜rushing', better done in a flak track or ifv, is very useful because the way the bases are quite open so you can attack or rather sneak in and surprise your opponent from many angles. As a note of caution, the top left position is notorious for losing badly. You must make a go for at least three oil derricks and you absolutely must stretch your base downwards as well as rightwards to harvest ore quicker, to get you a better chance of winning. Normally this is where I would say what super weapon would be best and why, but a lot of players including me don't tend to use them vs other good players, as even a small tiny break in tank building action can turn the course of the war. Remember it takes time for the super weapon to build up. Five minutes for an iron curtains time is all your enemy needs to crush you. Note: You cannot use tesla troopers to charge up the Eiffel tower, and use it like a tesla coil.

Soviet Tactics
Being a fairly medium sized map and gems could be available to them, plus oil derricks are within there grasp, it is very possible to do a "˜rhino rush', in the first few minutes which against allied players have a very hard time to defend against. But, in long game situations the soviets tend to lose their killer edge. As ore collection is drastically reduced later on for the soviets on this map, they tend to lose their ability to sustain a large army, whereas the allies can keep a fairly constant supply with their chrono miners. Paris Revisited is not very base building friendly making it quite unsuitable to build more refining bases at different ore fields. Even though having two derricks is an advantage it cannot meet the demands to constantly fund a big army. However, the soviets do have advantages such as their cheap conscripts to garrison key buildings around the map to divert enemy forces through other passes. Also being only $500 terror drones can be used as substitutes for rhino tanks in the short term to hopefully stop enemy attacks and/or destroy enemy miners, even chrono miners if your enemy is not careful enough. However this is where the few advantages stop so it makes the soviets a poor choice for this map. The engineer rush is very good for the soviets, as discussed above, plus flak tracks can hold more than an ifv and are $100cheaper. Killing your enemy early on is the best victory path, but it isn't necessarily over if it turns into long game. When attacking your enemy if you can spare it, spend a couple of grand on conscripts and dogs as decoys (believe me it helps!), and have them move on a way point looping around the enemy tanks. Then have your own tanks finish the job. Best bet is to stick with rhinos, but if playing allies send a few flak tracks in case they have harriers and/or rocketeers. Maybe the iron curtain could prove your only hope, but if you can do without it, don't spend the money on it plus the extra power you will need to keep it active.

Allied Tactics
I would have to say that the allies are by far the better team to team on this map. Their chrono miners for one thing are better for long range collection, despite only having half the capacity of war miners. First thing is first though and that is to secure the oil derricks. Through tested measures I have found it best to locate and capture the closest two oil derricks and while doing this, have dogs prevent enemy engineers from capturing the other two derricks. You normally will not be in a good position to spend $2000 on the start on four engineers. Capturing them later though is a very big help. Once an allied base is up and running and you have gotten some oil derricks you should be able to do basically what you want. You must have at least five miners though to keep your funds active, and go for the gems if you can. The only real worry is facing an early "˜rhino rush' from the soviets, which can be fairly hard to counter but if you concentrate on building a mass force of grizzlies at the start with a few dogs, if you can gets the funds, you should be able to stop them dead in their tracks, then you can start building up your real army. To start off with, you should keep it simple with grizzly tanks until you have enough money for the airforce command headquarters after which you should get another war factory to produce tanks faster. At this point a sizable force of rocketeers are useful for harassing enemy garrisons and oil derricks, particularly the enemies miners. When you do get the cash, some prism tanks and mirage tanks are in order to beat the more robust rhino tanks if you happen to be fighting a soviet player. Like I have mentioned above several times. The allies do have many more advantages than those of a soviet team, and these include:
  • Prism tanks can be used to destroy enemy garrisons from long range if they have it covered by flak tracks/ifv's, and don't want to risk your own tanks in removing the AA first.
  • Rocketeers should make the enemy worry about AA defence giving you a ground advantage which on this map is very important,
  • Mirage can be used to hold choke points, drastically taking down enemy tank numbers before they pose a threat,
  • Their standard tank is cheaper (grizzly) so you won't need as much income to fund a lot of these.
The engineer rush like I mentioned above is very handy even if you are playing against another allied team. Using an ifv though is more suitable than simply running him in. When you do eventually attack, remember to keep your prism tanks and mirage tanks behind your grizzly tanks, and keep the grizzly tanks behind your fodder, which you should have gotten in the form of dogs and GI's. Remember to deploy the GI's when in combat to destroy enemies faster. I would certainly recommend america on this map but france can be extremely effective. As for the super weapons, it is best not to waste your time with them.


Libya: (Recommend)
Libya is well known for its suicidal truck drivers and this place couldn't be the better place to create havoc. With all the buildings in the city, there are likely to be many pesky enemy garrisons about. So why waste your precious rhinos? Don't! Have one of these suicidal maniacs go blow up the enemies buildings and melt their GI's. I would also recommend Libya because the terrain is mostly flat land, meaning demo trucks can travel about fairly fast and with no real danger of getting blown up in choke points.

Iraq:(Best Soviet Choice)
The best soviet team there is and the best soviet team there ever will be, because of the one and only desolator. The desolator is renowned for reducing massive armies of allied mirage tanks to smoking craters in the ground. Always a thorn in any allied players side, this makes them the best choice again the map Paris Revisited. On this map you would use them for basically the same thing you always do anyway, and that is wipe out masses of the allied tank in a few seconds. Also I find through a fair amount of playing this map on WOL, other more experienced players tend to go after your miners early on with tanks, so a good counter for this is actually to have some desolators cover your own ore fields to put off the enemy commander from moving his units in the attack. Beware though of enemy terror drones and rocketeers/harriers. Also as a last note, they are handy for melting enemy infantry once you have removed enemy garrison positions. This is especially true when playing against america.

Cuba:(Dont Recommend)
Cuba is easily the most "˜suckiest' soviet team around, and no experienced players will or shouldn't use them. The terrorists are very fragile and many a time I have used a harrier to kill a pack in the enemy base and watch him scream as his base is destroyed by his own units. The only reason I would pick them for is the same reason as the libyans (as only pure newbies let these terrorists into their own base), but libyas demo truck are more reliable and effective than the terrorists. Again, putting ivan bombs on conscripts is cheaper in the long run, and just as effective. Cuba is a waste of time, so don't bother with them unless you want to have fun with them.

Russia:(Dont Recommend)
For once I disagree that Russia is of any real use on this particular map. Due to the troublesome choke points that could be created within the structures, the tesla tank is not made for coming under heavy fire, making them pretty worthless. Plus the money that they do cost, and you will want a big army of them, is not financially worthwhile as ore is not abundant on this map, making rhino tanks the prime choice to use.

Very costly to produce in large numbers, and of course you will want them in large numbers to be worthwhile when attacking an enemy. Useful for targeting stray units and enemy garrisons, they are not as useful as other allied teams because of the cost of the black eagle. There is not much ore compared with other maps, i.e. south pacific, which therefore doesn't allow you to create a huge army to attack with, i.e. you shouldn't rely too much on black eagles as they are simply too expensive to maintain. If you do decide to be Korea, I would suggest only having one airforce command headquarters with four black eagles, and use these to do "˜sorties' (regular missions) rather than use them as a suicidal attack on the enemy base as a lot of players prepare AA defence against Korean opponents.

France:(Offensively) France is actually a very good choice for this map. Because of the limited angles of assault, it is possible to have these massive cannons protect your base early on stopping any "˜rush tactic'. Also you can use the grand cannons offensively by placing them near the tech buildings which can be used to harass enemy miners in local ore fields, or can even smash the enemy base if you can get an oil derrick which is near enough to the enemy base. Although a couple of these bolsters your defence, do not get into the habit of '"˜turtling' (playing defensively), because eventually you probably will lose. Remember to build extra power before you place a grand cannon down, as they require a lot of power to operate.

USA:(Best Allied Choice)
America is the most commonly used allied team throughout online games, simply because the sight of eight free GI's at regular intervals is very pleasing. That's $1600 free every 3-4 minutes. The GI's can be used on this map for the usual purposes of covering tanks, and using them as fodder, but their real use is in creating strategic chokepoints in the buildings across the map, narrowing your opponents choice of route, allowing you to create very deadly points in which you could effectively obliterate your opponent.

Great Britain:(Dont Recommended)
If only snipers could be put in buildings...

Not a very good team in terms of the "˜tank war' which is most likely to occur at the climax of the battle, but a few snipers could turn the tide of the battle for you. Keep them in ifv's and use them to kill enemy fodder when a tank battle begins (it really does make a lot of difference), then pull them out. Also useful for killing engineers running to get oil derricks, and GI's/conscripts trying to garrison a building.

Every soviet player must laugh at the germans tank destroyer. Namely the tank destroyers worst enemy is the terror drone, so that is enough to put me off of being them. Nevertheless, the tank destroyer is a formidable weapon, being able to reduce even a rhino tank to scrap metal in seconds. The main and huge weakness though is the fact that they have not got a turret, but rather a stationary gun. This leaves them open to the pursuing scuttles of the terror drone, but more commonly the "˜drive by' tactic which tank destroyers are very prone too. More so their gun is not effective against structures, i.e. garrisoned buildings, so they are at a severe disadvantage on this map because of all the possible garrisons. You should avoid being germany at all costs.

Sample Build Orders

Soviets: Power Plant » Barracks » Refinery » War Factory » Refinery (sell) Refinery (sell) Refinery (sell) War Factory » Radar » Battle Lab

Allies: Power Plant » Barracks » Refinery » War Factory » Refinery (sell) Refinery (sell) Airforce Command Headquarters » Refinery (sell) War Factory » Battle Lab
Thank you for reading my map tactic on Paris Revisited.

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