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» Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus Map Size: Medium
Map Terrain: Mountainous
Recommended Side: Soviets
Author: Rob
One of the most popular and widely used maps. I personally have played over 100 games on this map; and won the majority. I played as the Allies for a while but then switched to the Soviets - finding them far more effective. The key to winning on this map is to secure the middle hill - which has two oil derricks on it - there are three other oil derricks and 2 nuke plants. To win on this map you must waste no time whatsoever - you must place your structures down as soon as they become available; as soon as you have placed your barracks down (build it as near to the entrance of the base as possible) - place one sentry gun/pillbox at the entrance of your base; this will prevent enemy infantry from entering.

Now build 4 dogs - by now you should have moved all of your troops onto the middle hill - getting there before your opponent is vital if you want to have the best chance of winning; as soon as you have your dogs on the middle hill you should look to kill any enemy engineers attempting to capture tech buildings - place a dog next to each nuke plant (top-middle and bottom-middle sections of map) - now build 5 engineers - your first objective should be to capture the oil derricks in the middle of the map - as soon as you capture them place a pillbox next to each one. Once you have secured the oil derricks in the middle of the map capture the two nuke plants - sell the one nearest to your opponents base; place a pillbox next to the one you wish to keep - after building your barracks you should immediately have built a war factory - at this point, providing you are Soviets, I would begin building as many rhino tanks as possible - if you play as the allies then you should build enough troops/defences at this point to survive a soviet tank rush - if you are soviets then place your war factory in the middle of the map - next to the oil derricks you have captured - once you have enough rhino tanks you should immediately attack your opponent.

The best way to win on Mount Olympus is to rush the enemy - hence capturing the oil derricks and nuke plants is vital as it gives you an early game advantage. If your initial rush fails and you need to bolster your income then build an ore refinery next to the oil derrick closest to your base (it will be just outside the entrance to your base) - if you fail to capture the middle of the map against a Soviet player then you must build as many terror drones as possible if you are Soviets, if you are the Allies then things become a bit more difficult - you must attempt to overtake the enemies economy whilst not leaving yourself open to attack; building walls around your mcv could be advisable in such a situation as it will take the enemy far longer to destroy your MCV if the enemy decides to attempt to destroy interesting tactic if you are playing as allies is to build as many rocketeers as possible, take them around the edge of the map and then knock out the enemies power then mcv - however, the best way to win on this map is to play as soviets and simply overpower your opponent with rhino tanks - on this map, the aggressive player is the one who triumphs in the majority of cases.

Sneaky Tactic: If playing as France then a sneaky tactic that will simply wreak havoc upon your opponent is to build a grand cannon, capture the nuke plant next to their base and then place it next to the nuke plant - from there it will easily be able to destroy the opponents MCV and other important buildings - and the opponent will not have enough time to counter it before you have destroyed their most vital structures. To counter this tactic, when playing against France, I simply capture the nuke plant and then sell it - better safe than sorry.

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