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Rhino-fest A screenshot of Rob attacking Tesla Commando - do you think he won?
Will they destroy it??? TicTac and Linn create over 100 patriots - will it be enough to stop the harriers from destroying the MCV? Look at the picture below to find out.
Yup They crash landed on it!
Now that's what I call a Cuban Cocktail.. "That's it guys, all of you just gather round this nuke plant - I'll just go and get Ivan to set it off." I wonder what happens next?
BOOM! Biggest explosion I've ever seen; now look at what happened to all of them below.
I suppose I should put sommat witty here huh? Now that is a lot of dying terrorists.
Get Ready.. Thats quite a collection.
B-O-O-M Wow!
It's so pretty..pretty.. pretty as pretty can be! It's so pretty.. so pretty.. pretty as pretty can be!

Thanks Gradink0

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