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Lots of Differences here. This shot shows a lot of differences from the final version of the game. The things that are different are the war factory, the walls, the pillbox, the dreadnoughts, the apocalpyse tank and there is also a light tank in there - a unit that was removed from the final version of the game.
Large Image, lots of changes. This is a very large screenshot (~ 998 kb). It shows an array of differences that were made to the game before it was released. All the buildings look different, there are units which look different and some which look totally different. Overall everything looks far more "cartoony". The changes made before release made it look far better than this.
A few differences here This picture shows how a few of the Soviet buildings and units looked before the final release.
Couple More Differences A couple of differences here: the tesla coil, tesla troopers, GIs and a group of light tanks (removed from the final version of the game).

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