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» Dreadnought

Cost: 2000
Tech Level: High

Speed: Medium
Range: Far

Veteran Abilities: Increased armour, speed and power
Elite Abilities: Extra accuracy, rate of fire and power

Description: The Soviet version of the Allies Aircraft carrier, the Dreadnought fires two V3's at a time - making it a useful unit. However, its missiles can easily be shot down, and it is weak against enemy naval units. Best used with other naval units for support.

Weakness: Destroyers, Squids, Subs, Dolphins, Air Attack.

Rob's Tip: Dreadnoughts are very powerful units - their missiles are extremely powerful but easier to be shot down than the allied air craft carrier. You must cause as much havoc with your dreadnoughts as you can before your enemy notices them. Try taking out power plants, war factories and the MCV - this will then allow you to finish off the rest of the base easily. Back them up with some scorpions for Anti Air and submarines to prevent the enemy from retaliating with their naval units (if they have any).

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