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» Armoured Transport

Cost: 900
Tech Level: Basic

Speed: Medium
Range: n/a

Veteran Abilities: n/a
Elite Abilities: n/a

Description: Used to transport units from place to place. Capable of carrying vehicles as well as infantry. It can cross both land and water, allowing for amphibious assaults of enemy positions. This vehicle's armour makes it a lot harder to destroy than its Allied counterpart, allowing you to send them right into enemy bases before they are destroyed.

Weakness: High Power Defensive Structures - e.g. Prism Tower.

Rob's Tip: Important units on naval maps such as Depth Charge. Build one early one, load it with engineers and then use it to capture the derricks on the various islands. A tactic for fun games is to load demo trucks into it and then send the transports into the enemy base.

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