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» Apocalypse Tank

Cost: 1750
Tech Level: High

Speed: Medium
Range: Medium-Far

Veteran Abilities: Increased armour, speed and power
Elite Abilities: Increased armour, speed, rate of fire and power

Description: This tank is nasty! They have extremely powerful cannons - as well as anti-aircraft missiles on board. A group of apocalypse tanks can run through an enemy base in seconds, obliterating everything in their paths. Their armour is excellent, and as a result they can take a lot of damage before they are destroyed. They're ideal for tank rushes due to their sheer power. However, they are extremely weak against mirage tanks.

Weakness: Mirage Tanks!

Rob's Tip: Apoc tanks are very useful units in late game situations, capable of ripping through enemy defences. Their only real weakness is the mirage tank - which is why they are best used combined with desolators, as apoc tanks hardly suffer from the desolators radiation at all. Simply deploy desolators when ever mirage tanks approach and you will destroy or keep them away - you can then use your apoc on structures/other units etc.

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