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» V3 Rocket Launcher

Cost: 800
Tech Level: Medium

Speed: Slow
Range: Far

Veteran Abilities: Increased Speed, armour and accuracy.
Elite Abilities: Increased power, speed, armour and accuracy.

Description: These units pack a powerful punch - but are extremely weak. They are killed almost instantly by tanks, and very quickly by infantry. Excellent for destroying structures, but unfortunately they are simply too weak in most departments; their armour is practically non-existent, they cannot get within range of any enemy base without being noticed and dealt with. Their rockets can be shot down by the air defense in the base. If you have tanks to defend your V3s then they can make excellent assault units.

Weakness: Everything

Rob's Tip: It's absolutely vital that these units are supported well - drones or tanks make short work of them, costing you a lot of money. They are very useful when used properly though. Follow the basic rule of hitting a base's power with these before hitting other structures - excellent for taking out turtles.

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