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» Terror Drone

Cost: 500
Tech Level: 6

Speed: Fast
Range: Short

Veteran Abilities: n/a
Elite Abilities: n/a

Description: These little mechanical 'spiders' are extremely useful. They kill enemy infantry instantly by jumping on top of them and squeezing them to death. Terror Drones are designed to prevent tank rushes. When attacking vehicles, terror drones jump inside the vehicle and 'eat' it until it dies - or if it is repaired on a service depot. The disadvantages of terror drones are that they are very easily killed and cannot attack structures. However they make excellent scouts on top of being excellent for killing harvesters and other enemy vehicles.

Weakness: Defensive Structures, Tesla Troopers.

Rob's Tip: To counter use tesla troopers. If playing a Soviet opponent try droning the enemy's war miner while it is unloading into the ore refinery (this way its gun becomes inactive). Drones are also useful for gathering crates etc. Bear in mind that they run more slowly on ore.

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