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» Rhino Tank

Cost: 900
Tech Level: 4

Speed: Medium-Fast
Range: Medium

Veteran Abilities: Increase in armour, speed, and firepower.
Elite Abilities: Extra Increase in armour, speed, and firepower.

Description: Far superior to its allied counterpart, the grizzly tank, a group of rhinos can easily decimate a base within minutes. They have good armour, are fairly fast and are powerful. When combined with apocalypse tanks and flak tracks they form a very powerful threat. Rhino tanks give Soviets a large early-game advantage; until Allies get a battle lab and mirage tanks.

Weakness: Air Attack

Rob's Tip: Best used for rushing in my opinion. As for fighting in tank V tank battles - throw in some dogs in front of your tanks; they will draw enemy fire. Also think about the drive-by shooting: drive your tanks past your opponents, they will shoot at the enemy's tanks whilst going past - your enemy's tanks will probably end up chasing one and hence the enemy will lose many tanks.

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