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» Battle Reports » jackosdad America Vs. g0th1c4 America

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
jackosdad beat g0th1c4

Map:The Alamo
Game Length:13 minutes

Blackmark Blackmark Present
I managed to win this hard fought match only for my opponent to disconnect at the end - so I am yet to be rewarded the points (if I get them at all).

Scouting went quite well. I started at the bottom and so got to the middle with a GI immediately. I built 4 or 5 dogs, dispersing them to various parts of the map. I managed to take the airport and intercept his engineer en route to the bottom derrick (I had already lost a few dogs around here).

I went for straight tanks, then noticed he had failed to scout around the airport area. I had a spare engineer around here (had built one too many), so sent him around the top of the map - promptly walking him straight into my opponent's war factory.

It took him by surprise, certainly. I decided not to press forward at this point - for pillboxes and infantry would be enough to hold up my tanks. I stretched towards the gems, building my AFC in the process. My opponent hastily reconstructed his war factory, beginning to pump out tanks once more. He accompanied them with several dogs, heading towards the bottom derrick - which had still not been captured by either one of us. I sent my tanks towards them, trying to stay just out of their way due to the dogs.

A battle ensued, which I came out of on the wrong side. He had a tank or two left, whilst I had lost all of mine. I built a few rocketeers, hastily holding off his attack. At this point, he managed to attack with his own group of rocketeers - potentially causing me a lot of damage. I managed to build a patriot by my AFC, swiftly moving my MCV into its covered area.

Whilst this was going on, I dropped a para by my opponent's AFC right in the top corner. I took it out, swiftly moving onto his power plants. He tried one brief attack, but my patriots and newly built IFVs were enough to thwart it.

At this point he resigned, but the disconnect screen popped up. It has since been proved as a free-win on Strike Team, but whether I get that or not reamins to be seen. In the meantime, this opponent receives a black-mark.
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