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» Battle Reports » saber America Vs. skmin France

Author:saber07 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
saber +35 beat skmin -35

Map:Pinch Point
Game Length:10 minutes

This was a fun little game that I barely (I'll even say luckily) pulled off. I had right, he had left (even though I had the better side, he played very well).

We both scouted each others bases good and went for the same build: ref, war, 2 miners, ref, afc. He built a rockie, so I built 2 ifvs in case he built more and started queing tanks. I put up another war fac and was pumping tanks. He caught 2 of my paradrops, so I decided to put the next one in the middle and plug it with my tanks.

I saw his ore trucks going for the bottom patch and this is where I fumbled a little. I started attacking one of his miners and then he sent his tanks at me, he had a few more than me, so i retreated and he stayed in the ore. I decided to tech up to mirages real fast and this might have been what ended up saving me; because right after I did, he started attacking my tanks. I drug him into my deployed gis to take a few out, but he came out on top with about 6 or 7 tanks. He sent them back to his base at this point to repair by 2 engy ifvs. I had about 5 or so mirages and he had a few more tanks. He came at me and we were trading blows with tanks, he was still ontop though.

This is where I won the game, i had para'd the back of his base and I walked the gis between his two war facs and construction yard. I took at a war to get an elite gi, then started taking out the construction yard. It got to the red before he noticed and moved. I took out the other war and a refinery, barracks, afc, and then got his CY. Meanwhile, he had been taking out my base slowly with his remaining tanks, I was building gi's because he had destroyed my war fac. I also built two rockies because he didnt have any ifvs left. He ended up commenting "omg", "gg" and resigning(which I assume was sincere and not an "omg n00b"), at least I hope he was, because it was a good game, whether I won or lost.

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