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» Battle Reports » jackosdad Great Britain Vs. dogskillu America

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
jackosdad +27 beat dogskillu -27

Map:Official Tournament Map B
Game Length:4 minutes

Blackmark Blackmark Present
This time I knew what the map was - I wasn't going to make any silly mistakes.

I quickly stretched to the gems from the top right, whilst managing to capture both derricks despite losing one engineer to my opponent's dog (I had qued 4 dogs and then 2 engineers). I scouted out his base quite well, then brought all my dogs back.

I had qued straight tanks, but noticed my opponent already had a few rocketeers going - I quickly built a few IFVs to counter this threat, managing to kill his rocketeers with few problems, whilst using my dogs as bait to stop him finding an engineer en route to one of the derricks.

Of course, at this point, the insults started. Nothing out of the ordinary - a few verbal selectives and various reasons given as to why I was a mapper. I asked my opponent if he wanted a screenshot, then acknowledged that I looked forward to his report - whilst constantly taking screenshots in case he decided to wash or disconnect.

He had little in the way of resistance - my two tanks destroyed his power plant, then more came along before he decided that he had seen enough.
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