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» Battle Reports » jackosdad Iraq Vs. f1reburn2 Korea

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Custom Match
jackosdad beat f1reburn2

Map:May Day
Game Length:10 minutes

So, a map that Korea are renowned for being useful on. What could Paul conjure up? Not a lot sadly. Starting at the top, I stated how I prefered the bottom - whilst Paul said he preferred the top. After joking that we should swap, we got underway.

Paul managed to eat a few of my engineers near to the top left derricks, which set me back inititally. However, I eventually managed to recover and took all of the derricks including the airport very early on. Paul had managed to scout out a good portion of my base (save for the airport area), whilst I had failed to see even his top derricks.

I went for a drone and then straight tanks. The drone helped clear up a few of Paul's dogs, allowing me to get those derricks that I mentioned earlier. I went for one more refinery and then for an early naval yard in the middle. I built a few subs and sea scorpions, aware that Paul's black eagles were starting to pick off my tanks and flak traks.

With my first paradrop, I chose to drop where I knew Paul's airport would be, hoping I could scout out his base and cause some damage to his buildings from there. Unfortunately, Paul had been queing a group of rocketeers to this corner, which promptly killed all my conscripts. However, he didn't seem to be aware of this, leaving them there in the corner of the map. I sent my sea scorpions down there, which quickly killed all 10 or so of them.

I had plenty of money at this point, so had built quite a few flak cannons and teched up by my airport. I wasn't going to do anything silly like try attacking by land, so I built a dreadnought and kirov, beginning to attack. I managed to kill his AFC and a few other buildings, including his refinery. Sadly, I couldn't see anything else, so I was forced to stop at that point.

Paul attacked my naval units with a few prism tanks near his top derricks, I just about managed to get them out of there in time - using my dreadnought to blow up his derrick which in turn blew up an adjacent war factory. At this point, he was causing me problems with paradrops - I hadn't protected the airport area of my base, where I had placed several important buildings. I chose to simply sell the majority of them instead of letting him blow them all up (there was a nuclear reactor there).

I still had complete control, with the water and plenty of tanks in my base. Paul tried attacking with a combination of rocketeers and tanks, but I pushed them back and eventually wiped them out. The rocketeers were annoying and took a little longer to get rid of. By now, I had another lab and dreadnought ready. I dropped into his base again and saw enough of it to kill a few more important buildings.

With defeat imminent, Paul resigned - losing his fourth game in a row to me.

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