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» Battle Reports » jackosdad Iraq Vs. f1reburn2 Korea

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Custom Match
jackosdad beat f1reburn2

Map:Isle of War
Game Length:9 minutes

In our continual battle to prove who is the better player, Paul and I have decided to play a cycle of the quick match maps. The same team is to be used throughout, they will then be played in the order that they appear on the map selection screen. I have chosen Iraq as my side, whilst Paul has opted for Korea. There are 15 maps in total, so it should be interesting to see who comes out on top.

Onto our first game, on the Isle of War. I started on the right and quickly sent two dogs to guard the valley. Paul made the mistake of trying to send his dogs through, losing both of them. I then managed to scout out the majority of his base, including the top cliff area. Furthermore, I prevented him scouting. This led to him going for straight tanks, whilst I popped out a war miner.

With my early economic advantage I just had to play sensibly and I would surely come out on top - once Soviets tech up on this map they are very hard to stop. I went naval quite early, planning on a nice kirov/dread combo that 'licksteph' uses regularly and defeated me with not so long ago.

My Kirov caused him to build various IFVs, threatening his expansion to the top cliff. Meanwhile, unbeknown to him, my dreadnought was now around the back of his base and ready to unwreak havoc. I had lost my first battle lab to three eagles earlier, but otherwise I had held off his eagles with a few flak cannons positioned behind the sky scrapers.

My dreadnought started destroying his base, while my rhinos and dogs simply sat at the entrance to the bridge and watched. All over.

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