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» Battle Reports » prdezvous Nod Vs. GDI4once GDI

Author:bigguy563 (View More)
Type:Custom Match
Mode:C&C Mode
prdezvous beat GDI4once

Game Length:Unknown

I haven't done one of these in a while. And for the first time in a battle report, I'm on Nod. The early harvestor battle did not go well for us, so we had to brace for a quick APC rush. It soon came on the right side of the obelisk at ground level. (not from the bridge) It swept past the hand and behind the refinery, somehow only getting blasted by the ob once. It blew up pulling into the power plant, the most common target on this map.

Luckily for us, it was one manned, or womened, because its driver was a "hotwire" character. Amidst a bunch of c4 explosions, most thrown from our engineers, the threat was negated.

Now that we had gotten a harvestor load of cash, we prepared an APC rush. Our target was the power plant. Of the three engineers, one got blown away by the proximity mines in the door. And before we could lay down the c4, we got killed.

While I was over there, the Hand of Nod got blown up. Just wonderful. I went for an Apache. My teammates also went for assorted vehicles, and parked just outside the GDI base and attacked the power plant from afar. I engaged an enemy helicopter and retreated into my base and repaired my chopper. Just then I heard that the GDI power plant had been destroyed.

I flew straight into the enemy base as my team was destroying the now useless Advanced Guard Tower. A nuke soon brought down the tiberium refinery. My helicopter was destroyed above the GDI war factory. I fell onto the roof with 20 health and scrambled down the scaffolds and entered it. I used my remote c4s to kills an engineer repairing it and killed another with my pistol while throwing my timed c4 on the MCT.

I respawned in my base and got another helicopter, and having lots of money, bought a nuke. I heard "GDI weapons factory destroyed" and smiled while flying over the last remaining GDI structure, the barracks.

With only a couple minutes left and a lot of people repairing it, I flew onto the roof and barely managed to place the beacon before getting killed. Back in base I got yet another helicopter and flew straight into the base and just managed to kill the engineer trying to repair the beacon, just before the nuke landed on the barracks.

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