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» Battle Reports » sabercncs Iraq Vs. turbotee Iraq

Author:saber07 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
sabercncs +36 beat turbotee -36

Map:DC Uprising
Game Length:6 minutes

Since our 17" LCD went balls up, I'm now having to play on a 15" CRT, hah. Anyways, I had the bottom right isle, he had top right. I didnt really care for this spot, although I could garrison some buildings to help me out. I kept him from getting the airport somehow and decided since I didnt see him scout my base, that it was engy time. Drove right up to his MCV and grabbed it with little resistance. I then sold the mcv, netting me 3 conscripts, which I used to destroy one of his refineries, the other was in the middle collecting gems.

I knew a counterattack was coming, I had matched in tanks pretty good, but he had some dogs as fodder, I decided to intercept him en route a little which helped me out. I was also building some tesla troopers to help me out. I took out all but 3 of his tanks and had about 6 left. He was sending reinforcements and I decided to try to take out his base. He had obtained an elite rhino by killing 2 of my miners, but I was pretty sure I could easily win the base trade. I destroyed his war factory and barraks and all he had left was a power plant. At this point, his rhinos had retreated and killed me just at the end. He tried a final attack, but 5 teslas and some rhinos easily held him off. We both graciously said gg and he quit.
game_replay_9839961_sabercncs_turbotee.xif (133kb, 232 downloads)

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